about and review policy

Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m Thya and I love journaling and reading. Recently, the idea of a blog sounded appealing to me, and now I’m trying it out, since I used to post garbage rants on Wattpad. I’ll most likely be reviewing books I’ve read or post my writing.

I prefer physical copies of books – since I have a bookstagram where I promote my blog posts/book reviews with pictures of the books, but I’ll gladly review ebook copies as well.

I review all genres and books of all ages, though I tend to stick to YA.

Genres I prefer:
– romance (that means anything LGBT+ too)
– contemporary
– fantasy
– anything YA
– fairy tale retellings
– historical fiction
– horror
– middle grade books

Genres I’m likely not to review:
– dystopian
– science fiction
– adult writing of any kind

If you’d like to contact me about reviewing a book, email me at thyaleger@gmail.com or fill out the form below.